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Woodchuck's Furniture Design Tips and Decor Inspiration

Design Spotlight: Redecorate for Spring

Posted by Woodchuck's Fine Furniture & Design

Mar 23, 2020 12:38:35 PM

There’s no time like spring to redecorate your home, because the season of renewal and rebirth gives you freedom and creativity to personalize your aesthetic. These simple design tips can guide you into creating the perfect spring-inspired spaces that you and your family will love.




Choose a spring theme


If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, consider choosing an overall spring theme that you can tailor your design elements to. Spring is a very versatile time of year, and there are many diverse themes you can choose from that will evoke a sense of the season throughout your home. You can choose to base everything around a specific color group such as creams, whites, or pastels. Or, you can go with a spring renewal motif and use plenty of renewable materials like plant life and wood. Floral is also a popular trend for 2020, and can help you transform your home into a garden wonderland. Remember, themes shouldn’t be constricting; they should empower you to embrace your creativity.


Engage in some spring purging


Spring cleaning isn’t just for the rain gutter and the baseboards. While you’re taking the time to perform a deep clean on your house, you should also use the occasion to take inventory of your design pieces and accessories and see what has outlived its welcome. Spring is a great time for a fresh design start, so take anything out of the rotation that doesn’t fit with your new plans, or is starting to look worse for wear. You can keep items in storage to bring back again one day, find ways to repurpose your design elements, or donate them.


Embrace a new color scheme


For many people, nothing says spring like pops of color throughout a space. Repainting your walls can be a great change of pace, but it’s important to look beyond the walls for opportunities to add color as well. Think about your furniture, your throw pillows slipcovers, your art, vases, and more.


Incorporate a new statement rug


Changing out an area rug is one of the most underrated ways to modify the character of a room with relatively little effort. If you feel like your home is still feeling a little wintry as you charge into March, consider finding a rug that better evokes the aura of spring. These days you have numerous options for floral, patterned, or jute rugs that will bring a bit of the outdoors inside your living space.


Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor has everything you need to refresh your home—whether you’re rearranging the entire house or just moving a few things around. Discover all the possible ways that you can inject new life into your home.


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