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The Wood Guide

Posted by Woodchuck's Fine Furniture & Design

Nov 26, 2018 4:26:55 PM

Wood furniture can provide homes with a warmer look or a more elegant appearance, depending on what kind you get. When you’re going through your options, you’ll find that there are several types of finishes and tones available. The following information offers some guidance for choosing the right wood furniture for your home.

 The Wood Guide Dining Room




Cherry is a type of hardwood that ranges from lighter browns to darker, reddish-brown tones. You’ll often find this wood used for cabinets and fine pieces of furniture, although it’s also used for bedroom sets. Cherry provides a rich tone that makes these pieces of furniture easily stand out in any room.




Mahogany provides a bold look when you add furniture items made from this tropical wood to your home. This type of hardwood ranges from a lighter reddish-brown color to a much deeper reddish tone with age. Mahogany is often used for making high-end pieces of furniture. Adding a mahogany accent table, chest or dresser can make any room appear more visually striking.




Maplewood furniture is noted for being easy to wipe down and being highly resistant to damage, which makes it a suitable option for kitchen tables and chairs. Maple has a wide range of tones available, including off-white or cream tones, reddish brown tones and golden tones.




Oakwood furniture items are known for being highly durable and having a stately appearance. You’ll find oak furniture that ranges from reddish tones to yellowish and light brown tones. Oakwood is a great choice for dining room tables, as well as cabinets and other pieces of furniture that need plenty of sturdiness.




Walnut is one of the most common types of hardwoods used for furniture thanks to its elegant appearance and rich, warm tones. Furniture items made from walnut can vary from light browns to deep, chocolate browns. When you’re looking to add a high-end furniture item to your home, walnut is a good option. You can find credenzas, cabinetry and wardrobes made from this wood.

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