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Ways to Make Your At-Home Office Productive While Working From Home

Across the country, offices are following best practices for social distancing and shifting to a new work from home policy for the weeks ahead. For many of us, that means creating a productive home office for the first time. It can be challenging to get into a good work rhythm from home. But by using these guidelines, you can design a home office that will empower you in your career and create a productive environment to do your best work.
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large home office solid wood desk

Build a Better Home Office

Your home office is your chance to imbue your workspace with your distinct aesthetic. Use these guidelines to help you design a home office that will empower you in your career or simply create a productive environment for the student in your life, all while looking great in your home.
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5 Unique Desks of Small Home Offices

You don't need a big room to set up a great home office. With the right desk, you can be productive, organized, and comfortable in any work space. In fact, modern desk designs incorporate multipurpose features and plenty of storage options into small packages, making it easier to conserve space for practical purposes and spread out when necessary. To help you complete your home office, we've found five of the hottest desk styles for small spaces. This unique, innovative furniture is designed to accommodate all your office essentials without taking up unnecessary wall or floor space.
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