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light brown sofa in living room with statement wall art and standing lamps

Revolution Performance Fabric

The furniture in your home is one of the largest investments to be made. In many cases, it’ll repeatedly move with you -- This requires a great deal of durability! Selecting furniture with Revolution Performance Fabric ensures the durability that you need to create a long lasting, stylish look with your furniture.
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large room white sofa bright blue striped rug

How Much of Your New Home Budget Should Go on Interior Decor?

When you’re purchasing a home, it’s important to make sure your budget covers interior decor in addition to the actual cost of the house. How much of your budget should go toward decorating your new home? This depends on different factors, such as how much new furniture and other items you need to buy and how much you’re comfortable spending. Find out more about how to budget for interior decor, so you can spruce up your new home.
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leather sofa dark wood cabinets living room

Modern-Day Man Caves: Personalized Pieces of Heaven

From steps made of baseball bats to shuffleboard floors, the man caves we can create today offer much more than the smoking dens and billiard rooms of years gone by. Whether you want to create a space where you can enjoy watching your favorite sporting events or spend time playing card games with your buddies, the man cave you create can be uniquely designed to meet all of your needs. The first thing you need to do is determine where you want your man cave to be. After choosing and decluttering the location, you can begin considering design ideas. As you contemplate your options, take measurements of the room. If the area has not been used for some time, use a digital multimeter to carefully check the electrical outlets. In addition, if you plan to have a full-service bar and/or washroom, hire a licensed plumber to evaluate, and/or add on to your home’s existing water pipes.
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4 Interior Design Trends You Won’t Have to Overlook this Summer

In many ways, 2018 has brought an eclectic pattern of seasonal change. There were snowstorms in the Midwest when there should have been cherry blossoms. Throughout the Southwest, people spent the spring worried about a drought, and there were many moments of uncertainty throughout the country as the weather remained elusive at best. Perhaps that's why this year's summer design trends are a fusion of enduring classics coupled with an occasional twist that invites personalization and a fresh perspective on old favorites. The hottest concepts, colors, lighting, and furniture this summer lets subtlety play center stage for a bit. Sit back and enjoy the muted beauty of this year's most celebrated season, and look to this guide for ways you can refresh your environment in style.
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white sofa two navy statement chairs wood coffee table living space

Why Quality Furniture is Worth the Investment

Housing prices are going up, and people on a budget are looking for value in their long-term investments. One of the best investments you can make in your financial and personal wellness is furnishing your home with quality products. Let's take a look at just a few of the reasons that quality furniture is well worth the investment.
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